Electric vs. Traditional: Flossing and Too...

When it comes to traditional vs. electric dental devices, you’ll have people on one side who swear by their electric toothbrushes and waterpiks, and those on the other side who just don’t think it makes a difference. But what are the real pros and cons of going electric, vers...Read More


4 New Year’s Resolutions From Your Dentist

The New Year is a great time to reset and refresh lots of important aspects of your life. Your oral health should definitely be high on the list! Taking good care of our teeth and gums is sometimes easy to neglect. This new year, try making some easy to stick to resolutions for your dental...Read More


Finding The Right Toothbrush For Your Teeth

When you’re standing in the toothbrush aisle of the pharmacy or grocery store, it may be tempting to pick the prettiest, cheapest one and be done with it. Unfortunately, the cheapest toothbrush isn’t always the best toothbrush. In order to find the right brush for your teeth, follow the gui...Read More


Back To School: Eight Tips To Keep Your Te...

It’s back to school time already! Besides going to lectures, studying, and writing papers and exams, you must keep up with your oral health. We’ve put together eight easy-to-follow tips to keep your teeth white and healthy. 1. Brush your teeth twice daily The best times to ...Read More

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