Can Dental Implants Cause Headaches?

Many patients are concerned that their dental implants may be causing headaches. Headaches are often related to dental issues, so it is natural to be concerned, especially if the headaches started just after you had an implant put in. Dental implants, usually made of titanium, are meta...Read More


How Do Dental Implants Work?

Missing teeth can cause your self-confidence to suffer. You may hide your smile and avoid eating your favourite foods. If you are missing a tooth (or teeth), there is a safe solution that will restore your confidence. Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth and allow you to eat, smile, laug...Read More


Can Dental Implants Get Cavities?

Many people who get dental implants understandably worry that their implants are going to end up becoming a source of tooth decay, and eventually, cavities, like a natural tooth would. This is a perfectly understandable concern. You are investing money in a dental implant, and the thought...Read More

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