Dental Assistant

Hi, my name is Richa . I decided to join this team of professionals in January 2018 because of their passion for dentistry and family focused practice. It felt like home immediately! My journey to dentistry was ignited 3 years ago by my first day of orthodontic treatment. I saw how attentive and informative the staff were to me and how much they cared for their patients’ oral health. That’s when I decided to take on the career as a dental assistant.

I volunteer my time at local organizations like Health Mission that offer free dental services to the public. I am also a member of the Ontario Dental Assistant association. My college education and volunteer experience has taught me the very best of being a dental assistant, and with my personality, I strive to continue to develop my skills for my patients. I love my job here at Willow dental. I work and collaborate with my team to achieve a common goal of making our patients feel welcomed and comfortable, while getting treatment done. I have a great sense of confidence in my ability to provide the upmost service for my patients.

My hobbies include singing, dancing and hanging out with friends. My favorite genre of music is reggae, mainly because I am Jamaican. So if you have any questions about jerk chicken, you can ask me.


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